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As soon as last night's show went off the air, I was on my computer.  I had intended to write a "breaking news" style report on the results' show.  Sadly, JoeUser wasn't working properly, and I was unable to post.  Then, I forgot about posting the results.  That's the way these things go.

So anyway, after what seemed to be very close voting results (the three contestants were each within a percentage point of each other), Elliott found himself eliminated.  Next week's finals will feature Taylor vs. Katharine.

Each of the final three contestants had nice vignettes on last night's show.  Among the vignettes, Taylor's was the most interesting.  Taylor was shown performing with his band.  Guitar in hand with a band backing him up, Taylor looked really natural in comparison to his Idol appearances.

My prediction for the winner?  I'll say Katharine.  The final results will hinge on the quality of their final performances however.

on May 18, 2006
I'm so glad it's Taylor and Katherine in the final two! They are so great. I would agree with you Jamie that Katherine will probably win. Everyone has been saying it but she's much more "Idol-ish".
on May 18, 2006
I agree it will be depending on the performances.

Just some thoughts I like to add on:
Taylor has never been in the bottom three. This hadn't stop both Chris and Kelly from being booted off though.
Katherine has both her ups and downs and a clear favourite from the start, yet she can manage to sing herself into the bottom three at least twice.
According to Chris, the judges always thought it will be a Taylor and Chris final. No Katherine.
From the people I spoken to and from what I read, Taylor is a 'love him' or 'hate him' guy.

I hope Taylor wins for some reason (I has wanted Katherine to win at the beginning of the season).
on May 19, 2006
I think Taylor will win because I think there is the same love/hate for Kelly and the anti Kelly vote will push Taylor over the top. Of course now, that being said, Kelly will win ( I jinxed Chris a couple of weeks ago )

But, as in the past, the top 3 or 4 all tend to be rather successful....Taylor is a niche where I see him doing shows at every "House of Blues" across the country..........maybe with Bo Bice as a warm up????
on May 20, 2006
Katharine is lovely and has a great voice, but something is lacking in stage presence and connection with the audience. I would be disappointed if she wins.

I would have rather had a taylor vs. chris (I was pretty bummed that he was kicked off) or even taylor vs. elliott finale.

I am going for Taylor, and I hope he wins.
on May 21, 2006
Katharine is lovely and has a great voice, but something is lacking in stage presence and connection with the audience.

Really? I thought Katharine has impecable stage presence. At least much more than Carrie Underwood ever had. Liek Jamie mentioned before, she knows how to work the stage and the audience. Her performance of 'Somewhere over the Rainbow' was exceptional, coming 2nd IMO to Fantasia's 'Summertime' for those kind of music. She's overdoes the smiling and stage choreography with more uptempo songs, and she also terribly oversings when she tries to powerhouse a ballad, which I believe these two things are causing her to lose her emoting - but this applies to Vonzell Solomon too.

Both have a chance of winning more so than in previous finales.
on May 21, 2006
To me, Katharine started off stiff onstage...I actually think that although she is inferior vocally, Kellie Pickleer had better stage presence than Katharine did. But I will give Katharine credit for loosening up more. I agree that she did a wonderful job on Over the Rainbow, but not quite as good as Fantasia's "Summertime."

I think the vote's going to be close...looking forward to the final show.
on May 22, 2006
Kellie Pickleer had better stage presence than Katharine

I totally agree with this. I also say the same for Taylor, Taylor has much much more charisma than Katharine. Hopefully whoever wins will hav at least as much success as previous idol winners.

I look forward to the finale too.