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Hey there friends.

Tonight's American Idol was a results' show. The final result of the show was that Camile (my hitherto favorite) was eliminated. I am now a George Huff supporter. Camile, Jasmine, and Diana were the bottom-three contestants this week. I don't think that Diana has too many weeks left in the competition. That's too bad as she is one of my favorites too.

Notable events of the show were few.

Julia DeMato (my season two favorite) announced her new single, which can be previewed at: www.sommemusic.com the song seems like a nice and safe pop-song. The website seems fine, although not exactly major-league as far as music production goes. (My wife made an interesting comment that Julia's single sounds like a Spice Girls song. -I liked the Spice Girls.)

John Stevens is still in the mix. It was interesting to see that his part in the group song received no "pop" from the crowd, while George and JPL did receive a fair amount of applause.

It just really bums me out that John Stevens made it through. His performances up to now have been terrible. (For those of you who recorded the results show: take a freeze-frame of John Stevens and compare it to Stan Laurel -of Laurel and Hardy fame. They look just alike!) Of course, looking like Stan Laurel does not make one a bad singer, being able to only hit one note does.

Any thoughts?

on Apr 11, 2004
I also want John Stevens out of the show. I dunno, my cousin analyzes that maybe it'll take a few more weeks before John Stevens gets booted out. She told me that John has a gazillion fans who'd press the redial button at least 500 times. lolz! Yeah, I'm now rooting for George, along with Jasmine. Fantasia has the talent but I think she's demonstrated her "diva" attitude too soon. Man, I love the sweet Camile. We're gonna miss her so badly.

on Apr 13, 2004
I don't think America wants to eliminate him for fear of having only girls left. The only boy who should still be there is George Huff. Seriously, I think he should win the whole thing.