January 26, 2005
Published on January 26, 2005 By Jamie Burnside In Entertainment

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So tonight's audition show was from Las Vegas Nevada with special guest judge Kenny Loggins.  There were all sorts of bad auditions on tonight's show, but none quite memorable enough that I will recall them tomorrow morning.  For tonight's review I will stick with the positives.

January 26 Positive List:

1- Mikalah Gordon: Pretty sixteen year-old with apparently a nice voice.  (Did I hear right that she's a single mother?  Sixteen is awfully young.)  My wife and the judges thought that her song (??) was fantastic.  I didn't really see the appeal, but she's on to Hollywood.  Yay for her.

2- Treasure Island performer Amanda Avila sang "I Wanna Love You Forever" well enough to make it to Hollywood.  This beautiful young lady (who I think resembles Cheryl Crow) has looks that will take her far, with just enough musical talent to make a go of it.

It will be interesting to see whether the other women "go after her" in the Hollywood round.  I have a feeling that she might threaten some of the other ladies in the "group song" competition.

3- Identical Twin Richard Molfatta returns without his brother to take another shot. If you recall, he performed a duet on last night's New Orleans audition show with his twin brother.  In New Orleans, Richard and his brother were eliminated. This time the judges let Richard through (Simon being the only vote of dissent.)

Personally I agree with Simon that this guy is too corny, but hey... He made it in.  Congratulations Richard (who sang "I who have nothing.")

4- Emily Neves started off with an overly-energetic Cyndi Lauper song, and then toned it down for her second one.  Emily Neves is a cute, fiery young lady.  I really liked her.  Hers was my favorite audition of the night.  I am looking forward to catching a glimpse of her in the next round.  (Reminiscent of Amy Adams or Vanessa Oliveras.)

5- Sharon Galvez came out in a nice white dress and a spiffy pair of spikey-heeled shoes.  (Prettiest lady of tonight's show.) She sang a fantastic version of "Saving all my love for you."  The judges loved her, and we thought that she was fantastic at my house.  Pretty girl + good voice = a good chance to advance in the competition.

6- Jennifer Todd the "self-conscience" (sic) homemaker with an image issue sang an awfully good version of some song I don't know.

What I am looking forward to the most with Jennifer is seeing how she'll look after a pre-Hollywood fashion and beauty makeover.  I predict that we won't even recognize her in the Hollywood round.

7- Mario Vazquez came from New York with a good look and a calm, cool demeanor.  He sang a song called "Whatever Happens."

Here is my first prediction for this season:  Mario makes it into the top-six.

That's all for tonight.  The las Vegas show wasn't as good as the New Orleans show, but entertaining nonetheless.  I may go back and have a third look at Leroy's audition from last night.

on Jan 27, 2005
Good call Jamie...
Although, I didn't really see it with the first girl, but good luck to her.
Your columns are getting better by the day and year!
on Jan 28, 2005
Emily Neves was AWESOME!!! I LOVED her performance! I hope she makes it as far as the HIGHEST round! She is perfect to be a singing star, she has talent, personality, and lots of character! Emily i hope you get this message! GOOD LUCK and Good Job! Your audition was so sweet and FANTASTIC! You sang b-e-a-u-tiful!
Lots of Love, your cousin- carson and her best friend- talon!!
on Jan 29, 2005

Emily was fantastic, wasn't she?

Looking back (four days later), Emily's was the most memorable audition of the night. 

She wasn't as memorable as Leroy Wells, but at least she won't have to compete with him again.

Good luck Emily.  After that "Carson and Talon" message, I am officially rooting for her.