Published on March 6, 2005 By Jamie Burnside In Misc

Well it is March!  The snow will soon melt, the plants will return to life, robins will return, Spring will be here before we know it, and McDonald's now has Shamrock Shakes.  This is our one chance per year to enjoy those yummy mint-flavored shakes.

Sometimes a year goes by when I forget about the shakes.  Then in April or May I realize my mistake, and promise myself to "get one next year!"

Fortunately, I didn't forget this year.  I went to get a shake on Thursday night on my way home after my night English class.  I also picked one up for me and my wife today at lunchtime.  I wonder when I'll have my next one...  They're so good.

on Mar 06, 2005
Yippee!!! Shamrock Shakes!

I hope I can find a McDonald's with a working machine. Last year I wanted a Shamrock Shake on my birthday. I had to drive to one stand-alone store, one mall, and two casinos before I found one whose shake machine wasn't hopelessly broken or waiting for parts.

on Mar 09, 2005
I've never heard of Shamrock Shake! I've gotta see if I can find it here. Sounds yummy!
on Mar 09, 2005
We're having an early St. Patrick's day party tonight. Maybe I should look into getting some of those and then putting them in smaller cups.... (I'm even wearing my "Mom, Dad, I'm Gaelic" shirt out in public.)
on Mar 09, 2005
I always forget about these! Thanks for the reminder. I'll definitely pick one up on the way home tonight