January 24, 2006
Published on January 24, 2006 By Jamie Burnside In Entertainment

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The third audition episode was held in North Carolina, home of Clay Aiken and Fantasia Barrino.  It was a fun two-hour episode.  (The shows are really heavy on the commercials this year, aren't they?  I started watching twenty minutes after the show had started, and was already at "real time" by just a little after the second hour started.)

Not so many memorable things from tonight's show, besides one contestant: Kelly Pickler.  Kelly is a pretty 19-year-old waitress with no mom, and a dad in jail.  She seems to have a nice TV personality, and sings awfully well.  She's one of the first "sure things" that I've seen so far.

Another probable sure thing is a sweet young girl (age 17) named Paris Bennett.  She sang a good version of a Billy Holiday song.  She's likely to be in it for a while as well.

One more impressive audition was community do-gooder (housewife?) Halicia Thompson.  Seems like she was another one who shows promise out of NC.

Other comments:

  • Simon's funniest line in a long time was delivered tonight.  He said something like: "You're more 'Jerry Springer' than 'American Idol'" to one of the contestants.  Insightful, and spot-on.
  • I wasn't so into that Airforce guy who made it to the next round.  His "appeals" to Paula came across as creepy.
  • Simon suggested that one guy, Kenneth, wear a dress.  I thought he was a good singer, but I don't know... I'd bet that that guy will be good for some drama in Hollywood.
  • I enjoyed Tyra Schwartz's audition.  (She was the one who had just split with her boyfriend.)  Her singing was okay, but her strong-suit seems to be her personality.  I must have a soft spot for those dark-haired ladies from the east coast.
  • I don't get why that one guy wore a fireman suit.

That's all for today.  Let's see what happens in San Francisco.


on Jan 25, 2006
hey Jamie,
Just letting you know I was here and read you. I'm the opposite of most people when it comes to the audition shows. I like it once maybe twice and then I am done. I like the competition or when it gets to the Hollywood round. Just wanted to let you know you are getting read.
on Jan 25, 2006
Thanks. I think that I too am ready for the studio and Hollywood shows once the auditions are over. That said: with no audition shows, there would be no LeRoy Wells.
on Jan 25, 2006
No one even comes close to William Hung.
on Jan 25, 2006
I saw my first American Idol of the season last night. I'm hooked! I knew that would happen. I totally loved Kelly Pickler and Paris Bennet. They were my favorites. My favorite part was when Kelly said her name was Pickler and one of the judges needed to clarify. Then Kelly said, "Pickler, Pick, Pick me!"

Great recap, as usual!
on Jan 27, 2006
Kelly has always been my favorite. She has been wowwing us for years with her talent.
on Jan 31, 2006
i dont know if you watch, or watched Making the Band 3, but wasnt Tyra Schwartz one of the girls who auditioned and made it till about half way in cause she sang okay, but she couldnt dance.