The Feb. 26, 2008 show
Published on February 27, 2008 By Jamie Burnside In Movies & TV & Books

Okay.  It has been nearly a year since the last time I wrote in here.  I guess that I had become burned-out with writing about "American Idol" with little-to-no reaction.

Watching last night's show, I decided that it is about time that I get "back on the horse" and share my opinions on Idol with the world once more.  (So comment damn it!!)

Here we go (in no particular order):

Daniel Archuletta: Strong contestant.  Seemed less dumbstruck in his post song interview.  He IS America's next Donny Osmond!  Real charming and lovable in as much of a non off-putting way as possible.

Why didn't he sing the first verse of "Imagine"? (As asked by Randy Jackson. . .)

DUH!  Because it is too CONTROVERSIAL!

The video of David meeting Kelly Clarkson reminded me of the picture of Bill Clinton as a young man meeting President Kennedy.


Michael Johns: Very good last week, poor this week, but he'll get votes.  He may not be the favorite to win it after all. . .


Chikeze: Coolest performance of the night.  One of the best Idol performances ever!  Actually, Chikeze may be my favorite guy contestant.  It is a toss-up between him and Danny A.

Really clever comment on Simon being the only one on the show who is "allowed" to wear the same outfit more than once.  HA! HA!

Jason Castro: I barely remember his song less than 24 hours later.


Luke Menard: He tried the HARDEST song ever.  Seriously, have you ever tried that song at karaoke?  Don't!

The evening's second most-likely elimination.

Jason Yeager: The evening's most-likely elimination.  Bad song, goofy clothes (looked like a cop), and creepy to boot!

Robbie Carrico: Ugh.

Danny Noriega: I like this kid.  He isn't a great singer, but he has some sort of charisma.  Definitely the gayest contestant to ever make it this far.  He'll last a LONG time in the competition.

His destiny lies in a show like "The Hollywood Squares".  Think 21st century Paul Lynde.

David Hernandez: This guy was horrible last week, but good this week.  My wife liked him.

David Cook:  I'd LOVE to see him perform in a bar somewhere.  I don't think he's Idol material though.


The best three performances of the evening:

1) Daniel Archuletta  2)Chikeze -my favorite-  3)David Hernandez



Jason and Luke.  If both of these guys don't get eliminated, I'd expect Robbie to take one of their places.


Tonight will be the girls.  Let's see what they do!



on Feb 27, 2008

Hey Jamie,

Wow, you are a blast from the past! I feel home again.

I haven't watched the show yet, but I will tune in now. Tonight is my last night of school!! Woo Hoo, life can begin again. So, I will comment, if I watch. Otherwise know that I am reading you. Welcome back.

on Feb 28, 2008

Great to see you Jamie! Glad you're doing this again!  You're so spot on with your comments!  I thought those three were the best too and even voted for them!LOL!  Yes, I do participate!  Looking forward to more commentary!

on Feb 28, 2008
I'm glad to see you back too! I haven't been watching but am going to try to catch it next week. Thanks for coming back!