March 4, 2008
Published on March 5, 2008 By Jamie Burnside In Movies & TV & Books

Tuesday, March 5, 2008:  Good show.  Nearly all of the performances were worthy of a trip into the top-twelve.  Will there be a surprise on the results’ show this week?  My guess: “Yes.”

1.    Luke Menard sang“Wake me up (before you go-go).”  Ugh.  Luke sings like Herbert (the creepy old guy) from “Family Guy.”  The only really “bad” song of the night.
2.    David Archuletta sang “Another day in paradise”.  I’d rather hear this kid sing it than Phil Collins.  The only thing that wrecked this one for me was his pandering: “It’s all about the homeless. . .” thing at the end.
3.    Danny Noriega sang “Tainted Love”.  Awesome!  So what if Danny isn’t much of a singer?  He is the most unique contestant to ever have made it this far.  Danny is destined for icon-status!  Look for him on an upcoming “Hollywood Squares.”
4.    David Hernandez sang a Celine song.  He has creepy eyes.  Sings well. . .
5.    Michael Johns sang “Don’t you forget about me.”  MJ smells a bit Constantine-esque these days.  He isn’t good enough.  That’s a big surprise to me.
6.    David Cook sang Lionel Richie’s “Hello.”  DC did a really good job with what is essentially a creepy stalker song.  Too bad that Daughtry is already bald, as Mr. Cook could also benefit from the “chrome dome” look.
7.    Jason Castro sang something that the judges know, but I don’t.  Jason Castro reminds me of “Welcome Back Kotter” era John Travolta.
8.    Chikeze sang a soul song that my DVR cut out on in the middle of, and returned at the end.  I am not sure whether it was good or bad, but the judges crapped on it.  Chikeze looks like a skinny version of former Cardinals and Vikings head coach Dennis Green.

BEST THREE OF THE NIGHT: Archuletta, Cook, and the rest were basically good.
Who’ll go home?  Luke, plus one surprise.

on Mar 05, 2008

my DVR cut out on in the middle of, and returned at the end. 

Ahh, the old my dvr went out routine.

I still haven't caught a show yet, but I like how you review it. Again, welcome back.

on Mar 05, 2008

Danny Noriega bothers me.  As does Castro.  Blah.

I really like Brooke White for the girls.  And Kyesha.  I guess I think the chicks are more interesting than the guys.

TOmorrow night will be interesting!

on Mar 06, 2008

I guess I think the chicks are more interesting than the guys.


This year for me I like the guys more.  My friend said the same as you did though!  There are a few that I do like though, they just bore me for some reason!



Hey Jaime, you're spot on again!LOL!  I like what you said about David Cook, my friend and I said the same thing!LOL!  though his performance was nice.  She finds him creepy though!lol!

Yes, LUke should go home...I can't tell who else though so surprised we will be!

on Mar 07, 2008
I totally agree especially about the part when David A. was pandering. What was that about? I agreed with Simon that he should pick something more upbeat.

Great recap! I never catch the results shows though.