Hot or Cold!
Published on March 11, 2008 By Jamie Burnside In Movies & TV & Books

Before I start on tonight’s show:  I just want to add that I have just recently purchased Blake Lewis’ album.  I think that after a couple of listens, I’d recommend it to those of you who are in the market for something interesting.

Throw Morrisey, Jamiroquai, Justin Timberlake, and Prince into a blender, and you’ll probably end up with something like Blake.

Final analysis: a couple of pretty catchy songs, nothing terribly lame.  My biggest criticism of the CD is that it is all-over-the-place, however that can be seen as “something for everybody!”

Now, let’s see what the group of twelve can do with the songs of the BEATLES!!!  I wonder if anyone will stand-up.  I love the Beatles!

1.    Syesha Mercado “Got to Get You Into my Life” Kind of a mess.
2.    Chikezie  “She’s a Woman”  AWESOME!  What fun!  Like George Huff, just a LOT better!
3.    Ramiele Mulabay “In my Life”  She’s prettier with less make-up.  Good singer.  Tough act to follow.  Final answer:  boring. . .
4.    Jason Castro  “If I Fell”  Cheesy, but I am sure his fans will love it.  I am a big fan of the girls in his family.  RAWLR!
5.    Carly Smithson wearing my favorite color today.  Singing “Come Together.”  Good.  Did as well as Steven Tyler in “Seargent Pepper.”  Well. . . almost.
6.    David Cook “Elanor Rigby”  Kind of “Eddie Vedder does the Beatles.”  It was okay.  Not his best. . .  Judges loved it.
7.    Brooke White “Let it Be”.  She said she loved “Seargent Pepper”, and then she chose a song from a different album.  WTF??   Regardless, she sang the song well.  Not as exciting as usual however.  (Sitting at the piano, she’s Tori Amos pretty.  BEAUTIFUL!)
8.    David Hernandez  “I Saw Her Standing There.”  I liked Debbie Gibson’s or Tiffany’s version better.  Lame.
9.    Amanda Overmeyer “You Can’t Do That”  What?  She doesn’t know that song??  Anyway, pretty cool.  Passing grade this week.  Probably good enough to leave the “vote for the worst” ranks.
10.    Michael Johns “Across the Universe” Best Beatles song!  His mantra was a bit strong, but the song was alright.  Disappointing that he’s not AWESOME.   He’s safe for many weeks, so whatever. . .
11.    Kristy Lee Cook “8 Days a Week”  Sounded like a 33 1/3 RPM record played at 78.  Ugh.
12.    David Archuleta  “We Can Work it Out”  HE FORGOT THE WORDS!  I will not rate this.  Lucky for him he’ll get votes. . .  (How can ANY musician not be comfortable with at least ONE Beatles song??!!)

Tonight’s best: Carly, Chikeze, David Cook, and Amanda
Worst: Kristy, David H and David A, Syesha, and Ramiele.
Going home?  Probably David H, but maybe Syesha.
Either they were good or bad tonight.

on Mar 12, 2008

I missed most of it!  I hope David Archuleta stays on!