January 18, 2006
Published on January 18, 2006 By Jamie Burnside In Entertainment

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Once again, my wife and I were on survival mode. We're still sick, but I think that each of us is noticably better. We both went to the doctor today, and we both heard that we're dealing with viruses. (Going to the doctor, one is always hopeful that it'll be something bacteriological, so at least something can be done about it. Anyway, we have a few medicines to help deal with symptoms, and we're gradually getting better.

Tonight's American Idol auditions were held in Denver, Colorado. Like I did yesterday, I will just write some quick comments.

  • There was a pretty 16-year-old girl from California, named Lisa Tucker. She made it through to Hollywood, and it is obvious that she'll make it far.
  • One guy, named Ace Young, had an audition that sounded so-so at home. The judges in the room raved about the quality of that guy's voice. That must one of those times where the audition sounded much better in person.
  • One lady named Rochelle, who is a lovely singer, was sent on to Hollywood. Rochelle's background story is that she has already been evicted from one apartment, and she is on the cusp of being evicted a second time. ...Luckily for her, the contest's name isn't "American Pay The Rent".
  • One rock singer guy made it through. His name is Chris Daughtry. His voice was nice. Idol isn't really meant for rock singers, is it?
  • Homespun cowboy Garrett Johnson (he of the unrefined voice) is likely to be a fan-favorite if he is able to continue farther than he already has. (Unlikely as it may be...)
  • Gender-bending Zachary's look reminded me of Tatum O'Neill in "Bad News Bears."

Got to go! Babies are screaming, and my wife needs help.

on Jan 19, 2006
Boy, you sure summed it up well! I had the same thoughts, especially the Manson feeling. I thought the little cowboy was sweet but will be extremely surprised if he gets any further.

Glad you're on the road to recovery.
on Jan 19, 2006
Karma, that was all over the radio stations this morning. I am glad you linked to a picture because I couldn't remember which African-American twins they were (there were two sets). What a shame! Just goes to show that people can be given incredible talents and still find ways to flush them down the toilet.