Published on March 27, 2006 By Jamie Burnside In Misc

Yesterday my family and I visited a grocery store that we don't often go to.  While we were looking through the "Asian Food" section, we found a few bottles of "Iron Chef" branded sauces.

The sauces use the show's "K" logo. 

I think this is an interesting TV tie-in for a consumer product.

on Mar 27, 2006
Iron Chef rules, the American one is ok too. I will watch if nothing else is on.

A little off topic but related: From my experience though, branded sauces/spices such as this normally suck in comparison to other not as popular ones.

Just look at Emeril's entire line of spices and whatnot, they are horrible.

I think it is best to buy spices separatly and mix them yourself, or make your sauces from scratch. Afterall, cooking is/should be an art, not just throwing a bunch of shit into a pot and eating it.
on Mar 27, 2006
I agree, you should learn to mix spices yourself. That will occasionally lead to disaster, but usually after a few failures, you get the hang of it.
on Mar 27, 2006
Eh, no offense intended to the posters, but you aren't going to make most of those sauces. I defy you to make your own soy or hoisin sauce. I cook a lot, and no matter what recipes I use, I never get oriental sauces to taste like what you get in restaurants, mainly because they buy most of their sauces too. Supposedly the sweet and sour sauce can be made, but when i go to someone's house who says they make it from scratch it is never close.

Sometimes I make my own barbque sauce, but many of the asian sauces are just not feasable to make. Even if you could, it would be vastly cheaper and save you hours just to go to a good asian store and pick them up.
on Mar 27, 2006
Yeah, I was mainly referring to spice blends as opposed to the sauces.
on May 01, 2006
I like what you do, continue this way.