Two men, two women eliminated
Published on February 22, 2007 By Jamie Burnside In Entertainment

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After tonight's results' show, the enormous field of 24 has been pared down to a slightly more manageable 20.  Eliminated were two men and two women.

Notable events from tonight's show SPOILERS BELOW:

  • The whole crew sang Tears For Fears' "Sowing the seeds of love."  It must have been tough to choose a song for a group of 24.  It was among the top-half of Idol group performances (which isn't actually saying much.  They all usually stink.)  -Since the judges pointed out Leslie's awkwardness on stage, it really stood out tonight.
  • Chris Sligh apologized for his stupid dig on Simon during Tuesday's show.  That'll probably win him back a few fans.  Very classy move by Chris.  Watching the video from his first studio performance, one could see the regret in his face as soon as he tried to "rip on" Simon.
  • Paul Kim was the first guy sent away.  I was a little surprised by this.  I thought that he had a chance to make it into the top twelve.  Looking back, his song on Tuesday didn't seem like it would have inspired anyone.  I wanted to see whether he'd be wearing shoes next time.  We'll never know. . .
  • Amy Krebs was the first woman sent home.  Too bad for her.  (Antonella looked ill, as it was obvious that she thought she'd be the one going.)  I really have nothing else to say about this one.
  • Fantasia sang a song.  I fast forwarded through it.  The first 25-30 seconds were boring.  Fantasia needs to take better care of herself.
  • Nicole Tranquillo was the second woman sent home.  She certainly wasn't "herself" during her performance last night.
  • Rudy Cardenas was the second man sent home.  This season's first victim of the number one slot.  In order to make it out of a night you go on first is to either be fantastic, or have a built-in fan base.  He had the benefit of neither.

How did my predictions fare?  I was right on Rudy and Amy, wrong on Paul and Nicole.  Is 50% bad?

on Feb 23, 2007
I was shocked by Fantasia last night. I don't think she stood up straight her entire performance. It drove me nuts! I was a bit surprised to see Rudy go home I figured it would be Sundance. I thought the two girls that were sent home were good choices, I don't think Antonella and oh shoot what's her name (she sang Brass in my Pocket) anyways I think they'll be right close behind. I haven't been overly impressed by any one guy this year and while I think Lakisha is great she doesn't have the Idol star quality they're looking for. It will be an interesting year.
on Feb 23, 2007
50% not bad!

I was surprised Rudy got sent home but I kinda expected it! I liked Paul Kim too!

I didn't like how Fantasia looked too. I think she just wore the wrong clothes. She still sounded good though!

on Feb 23, 2007
You have to remember that Rudy was about as inspiring as a guy in a K-mart ad.

I didn't like Paul Kim per se, I just figured that he would have lasted a little longer.

I wonder who was voting for Sundance. That was one of the worst performances that I've ever seen.

Antonella was another one who laid an egg, but I am kind of sure that she'll be able to put one or two good performances together before eventually getting eliminated. It will be interesting to see who lasts longer between her and Alaina.