Compromising photos?
Published on February 25, 2007 By Jamie Burnside In Entertainment

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Some of the chatter on my favorite American Idol-related websites and blogs (, realitytvworld, and idolingalong at Blogspot) concerns recently surfaced photos of contestant Antonella Barba.  (You can read about it and see the pictures on any of the above three links.)

The original set of photos are pretty tame, and it is a little hard to believe that anyone would be offended by them.

A more recent set of photos is out which are certainly more graphic than the first set.  Votefortheworst has an article refuting those photos which is pretty compelling.

It will be interesting to see whether this gets discussed or ignored on Wednesday's ladies' show.  I really hope that they don't give this the time of day.  I think the whole "controversy" is stupid and overblown.

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