Final Twelve Established
Published on March 8, 2007 By Jamie Burnside In Entertainment

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The studio shows are over.  The top twelve is set, and next week the show will move to the big stage.  There were a few slight surprises in the eliminations.  What we're left with is a top-twelve, half-filled with superstars, and half-filled with "cannon fodder."

Over the weekend, keep an eye open for my annual "odds" article.  I will predict (with odds) the eventual winner of the competition.  (Although I daresay picking this year's winner is the most obvious pick of all.)


1) LaKisha- obvious pick.

2) Blake Lewis- either Blake or Chris S. is the most promising male contestant.

3) Chris Sligh- early attention guarantees a following.  Toned down the "humor".  Jokes have the     potential to backfire.

4) Jordin Sparks- my pick for "surprise elimination." I was wrong.  Seems that she has fans.

5) Phil Stacey- he'll make an early exit.  At least he's secured a spot on the tour.

**Elimination of Jared Cotter**

6) Melinda Doolittle- the next American Idol

7) Brandon Rogers- another of my "surprise" picks for elimination.  He may stick on for a while.

8) Gina Glockson- she'll probably last longer than she should.  Good contestant.

9) Chris Richardson- ladies' pick.

** Antonella and Sabrina Eliminated **

10) Stephanie Edwards- may make the top six.

11) Haley Scarnato- she's on the tour.  I hope that she pulls out a really good one before she's eliminated.

** Sundance was eliminated **

12) Sanjaya Malakar- Now that Antonella and Sundance are gone, has a new poster boy


Jared Cotter: Missing a spark that would have attracted many fans.

Antonella Barba: I think that people expected her to go on into the final twelve.  I sure did.  I'll miss seeing her.

Sabrina Sloan: Thinking about missing seeing someone. . . Sabrina got hosed.

Sundance Head: He knew that elimination was inevitable.  He'll be easily recognized when he gets back home.

on Mar 09, 2007
Sanjaya's still there! The universe has lost all reason.
on Mar 09, 2007
VoteForTheWorst must have less influence than we thought. Both Sundance and Antonella were sent away.

My vote went to Sabrina, and she was cut.
on Mar 09, 2007
Mine too Jamie! I liked her!

Let's face it, Antonella can be a model, a singer...nope!

Sundance, I also liked, but knew he wouldn't be around too long but not to go off so early. I'm sure we haven't heard the last of him!

Jared, who was so promising in the beginning....was a disappointment but I'm sorry to see him go but he had to. Maybe not the last of him too!

I agree with you that the girls finals will probably be between Melinda and LaKisha. Who knows, one of my fav is also Gina...she might just be the trump card!

I'm still laughing about Sanjaya...his fans do love him for sure!

I voted like nine times, 3 times for each of my fav....hey, I'm just a big fan!lll!
on Mar 09, 2007
I'd bet that LaKisha doesn't make it past the top four.  She's good, but eventually Melinda take most of her votes.
on Mar 09, 2007
Lakisha is such a powerhouse...she is one of my faves. But it seems as if Melinda has more of the whole package. She has the voice, the sunny personality, and is so likable.

Looking forward to how the top five turns out.