March 13, 2007
Published on March 13, 2007 By Jamie Burnside In Entertainment

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Tonight was our top twelve's first trip to the big stage.  The theme for the evening was "The music of Diana Ross."  It was an interesting show, with a few outstanding, a few average, and a few poor performances.

Tonight's performances:

1) Brandon Rogers sang "Can't Hurry Love".  Went on first, sang a hackneyed song, forgot words, and wasn't quite memorable.  Dangerous combination for Brandon.  GRADE: D

2) Melinda Doolittle sang "Home".  This isn't even fair.  GRADE: A+

3) Chris Sligh sang "Endless Love".  Chris tried to change the arrangement of the song to suit the way he likes to sing.  I think that he would have bombed if he were to try something closer to the original, but the way he sang the song tonight caused a few problems.  The biggest problem was that with the altered melody, a few of the lyrics had to be crammed into spaces where they didn't quite fit.

In the final analysis, the song was interesting and the singing was fine.  GRADE: C+

4) Gina Glockson sang "Love Child".  Gina looks pretty again.  She has a style that appeals to me.  She did a relatively good job with tonight's song.  GRADE: B-

5) Sanjaya Malakar sang "Ain't No Mountain High Enough".  Simon Cowell can't stand this guy.  Wide swaths of the viewing public doesn't like him either.  (He has lots of detractors among my friends and coworkers. . .) Personally, I don't think he's that bad.  He has a safe, Tiger Beat sort of wholesome charm about him.

Tonight's song wasn't good, but it wasn't as horrible as previous outings.  GRADE: C-

6) Haley Scarnato sang "Missing You".  Haley missed a few words and phrases, but had a nice sounding voice on the parts she didn't mess up.

Haley won herself some fans with very charming pre- and post-performance interviews with Ryan.  It seems like she's serious about making it into the top ten.  I think I'll vote for her (along with Melinda)tonight!  GRADE: C+

7) Phil Stacey sang "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me".  Every so often, Phil hits a note that sounds a lot like something Clay Aiken would do.  They must have a similar quality of voice.

Tonight's song sounded better than Phil's previous songs.  Diana Ross' advice must have been taken well.  GRADE: B

8) LaKisha Jones sang "God Bless The Child".  Everything was perfect except the dress.  (Kind of a 1/2 mumu ensemble.)  Two-horse race so far.  GRADE: A

9) Blake Lewis sang "You Keep Me Hanging On".  Blake looked cool, sang okay, and made an original arrangement.  I think that it came off alright.  The only criticism that I'd have would be that it would have been nicer if Blake could have found a way to use his voice more.

The judges kind of crapped on this song.  Something about that he shouldn't have tried to modify it so much.  I don't know. . . the Motown songs that we have to listen to every season get really tiresome.  I appreciate someone trying to do something different with them.  GRADE: B

10) Stephanie Edwards sang "Love Hangover".  Stephanie was once again the week's best-dressed.  She wears clothes better than anyone else in the contest (especially since Sabrina was eliminated.)

Stephanie missed a few words in the song, and skipped the coolest part.  I didn't get it.  GRADE: C-

11) Chris Richardson sang "The Boss".  Looked like Chris stole a jacket and tie from Rick Springfield's closet.  Not a particularily memorable performance.  So-So.  GRADE: B-

12) Jordin Sparks sang "If We Hold On Together".  Jordin looked nice, and her voice sounded very good.  Jordin hit some big notes, placing her among tonight's stronger performances.  GRADE: B+

Tonight's Best:   1) Melinda   2) LaKisha   3) Jordin

Tonight's Worst:   1) Brandon   2) Sanjaya   3) Stephanie

Most Likely To Get The Boot: Brandon (although neither Staphanie nor Sanjaya going would surprise me.)

on Mar 14, 2007
Hmmm, good review as usual. I love Motown and I understand why the judges say that tweaking it too much isn't a good thing. Those songs are classic and pretty timeless so tweaking them and it comes out sounding weird leaves a bad taste in the mouth. While Chris S' song wasn't all that bad, I liked it in some places, I'm sure if he worked on it more it would be better!

I'm going to add Haley to the bottom three instead of Stefanie. You're right, Haley's charm shined during the interviews, and the post one will probably boost her and she won't be in the bottom three. She's a good looking girl and that didn't show up til now - she's been hiding!lol!

The guys really were bad this week weren't they?
on Mar 14, 2007
Tonight's Best: 1) Melinda 2) LaKisha 3) Jordin

Easily the best three. It's going to suck because I think either Melinda or LaKisha won't make the final 2. If I was a singer on the show I would hate going before or after those two.

I agree with you. I thought Brandon was the worst yesterday. Very boring performance.Sanjaya should be out already. I hope people stop voting for him and let him join 'High School Musical' or something. Chris S. was horrible, but he doesn't deserve to leave. It sounded as if he sang "Endless Love" over Coldplay's Clocks. He's got a good voice, but his arrangement skills are lacking. I can understand your appeal to Gina. I do like her look and she did pick a great song. But, to me, she look like she held back a little. She should have gone for it more.