March 20, 2007
Published on March 20, 2007 By Jamie Burnside In Entertainment

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The first night of the spring gave us a fun, interesting, and exciting show.  The performers, host, and judges were happy and loose.  There were a number of excellent performances, as well the history-making "worst Idol performance ever".

Tonight's Performances:

1. Haley Scarnato sang "Tell Him".  Looks like Haley has decided to turn up the sex-appeal.  Her outfit and dancing were probably enough to help her overcome the deadly number one spot.  I voted for her because I want to see more Haley next week.  GRADE: B

2. Chris Richardson sang "Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying".  I am sure that the girls will love this, with the melodic singing and smoldering looks into the camera.  -I don't get it.  GRADE: B+

3. Stephanie Edwards sang "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me".  Stephanie looked terrified while singing.  There must have been some reason that she was uncomfortable.  She needed to have "sold" this song a bit better, because it basically sounded alright.  GRADE: B-

4. Blake Lewis sang "Time of the Season".  I watched this performance twice.  The first time I didn't know what to think.  The second time I "got it".

Blake is (and was) cool, unique, and has shown that he may be one of the most innovative and musically talented Idol performers to date.  Very cool.  GRADE: A

5. Lakisha Jones sang "Diamonds are Forever".  Lakisha is a pro.  She messed up the lines a few times but covered the mistakes very adeptly.  The way her voice sounded was just like the original.  Extra credit for singing a James Bond song.  GRADE: B

6. Phil Stacey sang "Tobacco Road". 

First question: Why was Phil's shirt dirty?

Second question: Was this the best song Phil could choose?  I think that a late 1960s Tom Jones song would have fit the theme and suited Phil's voice better than this one.

I predict: Another trip to the bottom three.  GRADE: C

7. Jordin Sparks sang "I Who Have Nothing".  I loved Jordin's straight black hair and dress.  She was really pretty. 

I loved Jordin's song tonight.  This performance probably "killed Phil" who preceded Jordin.  GRADE: A

8. Sanjaya Malakar sang "You Really Got Me".  Soon after I moved to Japan, I started attending karaoke parties with friends.  The first song that I felt comfortable singing was the Kinks' "You Really Got Me."  It takes no voice range to sing this song, and it is very easy.

Sanjaya made the song unlistenable.  This was a rare time when I thought that I could have done a better job if I were to get on that stage and sing the song myself.  I think this will go down in Idol lore as the worst Idol performance in series history.  GRADE: F

9. Gina Glockson sang "Paint it Black".  I was a little disappointed with this one.  Gina picked a rough song to sing this week.  GRADE: C

10. Chris Sligh sang "She's Not There".  Chris had fun with this one.  He walked through the audience, and sang a song that he apparently likes a lot.  Nice.  GRADE: B+

11. Melinda Doolittle sang "As Long as He Needs Me." 

When I was a really young kid, I would enjoy watching the "Tonight Show" while I was trying to get to sleep.  In the middle-to-the-end of a lot of shows, Johnny would have a musical performer on the show.  Melinda really reminds me of a lot of the mid-to-late 1970s singers who would appear on the show in the moments before I'd finally fall asleep.

Melinda's performance tonight was pretty good.  GRADE: B+

Tonight's Best:

1) Jordin   2) Blake   3) Melinda

Tonight's Worst:

1) Sanjaya  2) Phil   3) Gina

Predictions:  Phil, Stephanie, and Sanjaya in the bottom three.  Phil goes home.  Sanjaya makes the tour.

on Mar 20, 2007
Great review as usual Jamie!

I actually thought Sanjaya was a little better and really showed himself tonight!! Did you see the little girl crying in the audience, that's what I'm talking about when I tell everyone I discuss this show with that it's his audience that's keeping him on, the little pre-teens and boppers who love his hair!!
on Mar 20, 2007
***First question: Why was Phil's shirt dirty?***

lol...I wondered the same thing as I was watching him! My sweetie said it was probably perspiration pouring through.

Melinda, Jordin, Chris R., and Blake to me were the best tonight.

on Mar 20, 2007
My wife and I got the giggles a few times during the show.

The giggles started by us suggesting that little Ashley was either lost, or had pinched her finger in the chair.

I work at an elementary school, and I have yet to hear any "buzz" around Sanjaya. The kids I speak with seem to like Blake.

I was thinking that possibly sticking with the song's theme, Phil had tobacco juice on his shirt.
on Mar 21, 2007
The first time I didn't know what to think. The second time I "got it".

Honestly, I still don't get it. I honestly thought that his was middle of the pack at best. I thought that Phil gave a lot better performance than people gave him credit for. Far from the best of the night, true, but still fairly decent. I thought that Haley's performance definitely stood out due to sheer stage presence. The best performance, IMO, was Melinda's.