Andy Richter is one of my favorite comic actors. 

He used to be Conan O'Brien's sidekick on his late show. 

He had a really good show on FOX called "Andy Richter Controls the Universe".  Sadly that show didn't last so long.  I always wished that they'd restart it.

Andy Richter also had a part in Chris Elliot's movie, "Cabin Boy".  Critics hated the film, I liked it a lot.

Andy Richter's newest project is a sitcom about a CPA-turned-Private Eye.  "Andy Barker P.I." is the title.  Very good!

The story goes like this: a CPA sets up shop in an upstairs office of a strip mall.  One day a person mistakes his business for a private investigation service (which was the previous occupant of the office space.)  The new customer throws Barker a case, and the story proceeds from there.

The humor stems from a mild-mannered accountant living the life of a private investigator.  One of your typical "fish out of water" stories.

You can see the pilot on NBC's website.  Here it is.

Today is Thursday, so the show will be on NBC tonight.  Check it out.  Good, clever, funny stuff!


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