Ten goes to nine
Published on March 28, 2007 By Jamie Burnside In Entertainment

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Tomorrow's headline will certainly read: "Sanjaya Safe Again."  That guy has really caught the imagination of America.  Amazing. . .  Take Scott Savol, John Stevens, Carmen Rasmussen, and Ryan Starr; mix them all together; add water; and you'll get Sanjaya Malakar.  Amazing!  (Most people would mix in Kevin Covais or Jasmine Trias, but I don't think either of them was that bad.  . . . actually, come to think of it, I was a moderately big Carmen fan in season two.)

Tonight's Show, short and to-the-point:

  • No group song tonight.  I didn't miss it.
  • Ryan called out two of the bottom-three: Phil and Haley (and then Ryan called Haley "Stacey".  (Isn't "they call me Stacey" a line from "Fergalicious"?))
  • Gwen Stefani sang a song.  Last night got me to watch a few of her music videos.  I like that "Wind me up" song.  -"Spider Webs" is my favorite No Doubt song.
  • Chris Sligh joined the bottom three.
  • Chris Sligh was sent home.  He was one of my picks for the final two (along with Melinda.)


  • I thought Phil was the best last night.  He was in the bottom three.  Seems that Police songs don't resonate with the audience.
  • I was happy that Haley made it another week.  Melinda is my favorite performer, but I care the most about Haley and Blake.
  • My amended picks for the final two include Melinda vs. Blake.  I am even starting to think that Blake may win.
  • I am bored with LaKisha.  I think that she peaked too early (first studio show.)  Haley -on the other hand- peaked at the perfect time (if she wanted to at least make the top ten).
  • Good that Sanjaya made it another week.  By next Tuesday my "Vote For Sanjaya" T-shirt that I ordered will have arrived at my house.  I'd hate for it to be out-of-style even before it gets to me.
  • Sorry about this late post.  I watched the show late due to parent-teacher conferences at my school.

on Mar 28, 2007
Too bad Chris Sligh got sent home tonight! I knew Sanjaya would still be there!! I'm sorry, Haley is very pretty and all, but she just can't sing! She should have gone home.
on Mar 28, 2007
Chris was sent home earlier than he should have, but it became apparent a few weeks ago that he wouldn't last to the end.

We can enjoy seeing him a time or two in the audience, and then again at the finale show.