April 3, 2007
Published on April 3, 2007 By Jamie Burnside In Entertainment

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I will do it a little differently tonight.  It is spring break, the Twins are playing, and I wasn't in the mood to take notes on tonight's show.

Instead of what I usually do, I will just make a few comments on what I remember from tonight's show.  (Then I will go watch a Doctor Who DVD. -In case you're wondering which one: It is "The Armageddon Factor" from 1978.)

My two cents:

  • I like big band/ swing music.  It seemed that everyone had a pretty easy time with it this evening.  Maybe it is easy to sing. . . The band was really good.
  • Considering that the style is relatively easy to sing, one would think that an aspiring swing/ big band singer would need a little extra help to get a leg up in the business.  Or am I just dealing with stereotypes?
  • The band sounded really good during Blake's song.
  • Blake sounds like Jamiroquai's singer.
  • Phil wasn't loved by the judges.  He certainly started sweating during "the verdict"!
  • Another contestant who didn't receive much praise was Haley.  It seems like she offended Paula and Randy a bit by saying that she was always worried about what Simon would say.
  • Haley looked nice.  She reminds me of Diana DeGarmo on interviews.
  • Lakisha + jazz = the late Nell Carter
  • This was the first time that I liked Chris Richardson.
  • Sanjaya wasn't horrible.  I loved Simon's comment.  I can't remember whether he said "excellent" or "fantastic."  Regardless, the highlight of the show.

Tonight's best:

Nobody in particular really impressed me.  If I have to choose I'd say: Jordin, Blake, Chris R., and Melinda.

Going home:

My guess is Phil.  I'd bet that Haley makes bottom three again.

on Apr 04, 2007
I agree that Sanjaya wasn't that bad (still think he needs to go soon, though). Also, I think the contestants have to be careful putting so much emphasis what Simon says. They tend to forget Paula and Randy (which, like you said, can offend them or turn them off).
on Apr 04, 2007
Here's what I wrote as a comment on another blog:

Gina and Phil have made the big mistake of making their wife/ husband/ significant other important in their lives. The audience prefers single people.

I think Phil "gets it" this week.

Haley and Gina may round out the final three. A lack in the voracity of Sanjaya supporters may put him in the bottom three either this week or next.

Gina may be more vulnerable this week than on others because her performance was completely forgettable. I wrote a review a half-hour after I watched the show, and I had little memory of what she did.