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Published on March 6, 2008 By Jamie Burnside In TV Shows

Hello again. 

I hope that this format works out alright.  I have always had problems when I write my blogs on a Mac, then cut and paste them here in JoeUser.  At least it seems that my paragraph breaks are preserved in the transition.

Enough “inside baseball”, let’s talk about IDOL!

Last night we saw the top eight women finalists.  I have concluded that the women are nowhere near as good as the men.  Outside of Brooke and Carly, I don’t see any of these girls winning.

1.    Asia’h Epperson sang “I wanna dance with somebody” whilst wearing some pretty hot pants.  (Carly was wearing nice pants too.)  Less than 12 hours after the show, all I remember was the pants.
2.    Kady Malloy sang “Who wants to live forever.”  Funny, I just finished watching episode one of “New Amsterdam”, and I was just making comparisons between that show and “The Highlander.”  And then. . . Someone sings a song from “The Highlander.”  Trippy.
Anyway, Kady is no good.
3.    Amanda Overmeyer sang “I Hate Myself For Loving You.”  Judges loved it.  I didn’t.  I thought it was horrible.
4.    Carly Smithson sang “I drove all night.”  For the first time, I saw Carly as pretty.
5.    Kristy Lee Cook looked fantastic once again singing “Faithfully.”
I have been trying to figure out who Kristy looks like?  I finally figured out who it is: Marielle Hemingway.

Kristy is still one of my favorites in the competition.
6.    Ramiele Mulabay sang “Take a look at me now” after being insulted about short legs by Ryan Seacrest.  Jerk. . .  (I usually really like Ryan, but WHAT THE HELL WAS HE THINKING!)
Ramiele is also one of my favorites.  My only qualm with her is that she over-does it with the lipstick.
7.    Brooke White sang “Love is a Battlefield.”  Brooke is beautiful.  Brooke sang the song very well.  I am seeing her and David on the final show.
8.    Syesha Mercado wore crazy shorts as she sang “Saving all my love for you.”  My guess is that Syesha is difficult to live with.

BEST OF THE NIGHT:  Brooke and Carly
WORST OF THE NIGHT: Kady Malloy and Asia’h
GOING HOME?  Probably Kady and . . .Asia’h (she WAS on first. . .)

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