Well, it is Sunday night. Back to work tomorrow...

I had a happy weekend. Kazuko and I did some shopping, we watched some television, and we visited two craft sales.

The second craft sale that we visited was at the Monticello Community Center. The community center is just a few blocks away from our house. Kazuko and I were really surprised at how nice the facilities are there. There is a really nice pool, a tall climbing wall, an indoor playground, a skate park, a gymnasium and weightroom, as well as the typical community center amenities. It looks like it will be a nice place to take our little boy to play, to learn how to swim, and to participate in whatever local events come up.

On Sunday afternoon, we watched the movie "Charlie's Angels 2." Kazuko and I really liked the first one, so we thought that we'd give the second one a shot. I guess that I could sum up the movie by saying: "A lot of stuff happened, and then the movie was over." It kept my attention, we were able to see some pretty ladies doing stuff, and then it was over.

One thing that has really disturbed me about the recent action movies is the over-use of computer generated special effects. I am eagerly awaiting a backlash against these types of special effects. I am sure that eventually there will be a series of movies that will promote themselves by touting the lack of computer generated special effects.

I think that the CGs were the most disappointing part of the last 007 film. I am a huge fan of the series, but the introduction of all the graphics made everything seem a lot more artificial than in the other films. I prefer real artificial-looking things to computer generated artificial-looking things.

I suppose that I had better end this for today. I need to get to bed so I will be bright-eyed for tomorrow. Thanks for reading!

on Nov 03, 2003
I think I can tell you the very same thing on "Matrix Reloaded". I watched it at a movie theater on the first-run day in Japan. After I watched it, I was often asked like "How was it?" since the movie was attracting a lot of public attention because of huge promotions. Whenever I was asked like that, I couldn't help referring to the over-use of computer generated special effects.

In the movie, too much slow motion effects were used on many battle scenes altough these effects were used very effectively in the previous work. That really made me disgusted. As it is said that "Too much is as bad as too little", special effects should be used moderately and effectively.