Published on February 7, 2004 By Jamie Burnside In Movies & TV & Books
Hi there friends.

This morning as I was beginning to wake up, I heard the familiar sounds of the beginning theme to "Beavis and Butthead" coming from the television. As my wife had been flipping channels this morning, she came across the show on MTV2.

That was enough to get me out of bed. I really enjoyed watching that show while it was on. I am a little surprised that MTV Networks never got a syndication deal for it. There are tons of episodes. That said, I was surprised that MTV never played it during their off-peak hours. Sure enough, it was on Saturday morning. How cool! I hope that they play it more often.

My favorite episode of "Beavis and Butthead" was "Crank Call." I remember I watched that during halftime at a Superbowl party. I laughed my head off.

Heh Heh Hmmph Heh Heh Huh Huh Hmmph
on Feb 09, 2004
I love Beavis and Butthead! I think that MTV must not know how many people love it... I hope Adult Swim on Cartoon Network picks it up!! They have Family Guy and Futurama... Why not Beavis and Butthead?? Damn it??
on Feb 10, 2004
yea, it was pretty dang hilarious.  I really don't know why it hasn't gotten more airtime either, i mean MTV should have enough time for it at least late night!