A few years ago I rented and watched the video "Fools Rush In," starring Matthew Perry amd Selma Hayak (spelling may be off there.) I remember thinking that the movie was sweet, and a lot of fun to watch. I think that I had even recommended it to a number of people.

Last night they played that movie on TBS. I watched it with my wife. I had built it up as a really good movie that we'll enjoy watching. Well, it wasn't horrible. It just wasn't nearly as good as I remembered. There were a few serious "groaner" scenes, in which I couldn't really believe what the characters were doing.

Following the movie, I was led to a bit of reflection. I was wondering why I liked that movie so much in the first place. I suppose that it was the first time I saw the movie was when I was living in Japan. At that time anything in English seemed super-entertaining. I remember making "Full House," and "Blossom" must-see television.

My wife says the same thing now. Living in America, anything in Japanese is more entertaining here than it would be living in Japan. That's interesting...


After "Fools Rush In," they played "When Harry Met Sally" on TBS. I hadn't seen that movie in ten years. That was a good one to watch. I think that I tend to like all of the movies that Rob Reiner works with. I think that I am a Frank Oz fan too.


Baby Kenny has been really cranky over the last two days. He cries a lot. I wonder what's gotten into him. If he is sick, I hope that he gets better soon.

Okay friends, I hope that all of you have a happy day!
on Feb 08, 2004
remember any ribald jokes you liked when you saw it in japan? they might have edited out lots of inappropriate(ie. funny) parts.
on Feb 08, 2004
No, there isn't any editing of stuff like that. That is in Singapore.
on Apr 28, 2004
I know what you mean - I saw Fools Rush in at the movies and I remember really liking it - and while it's watchable it's still pretty bad - My favourite Matt Perry movie is Three to Tango my best friend and I watched it late one night at my house (I think were were in grade12 so it was 2000) and we liked it so much we rewound it and watched it all the way through again.

As for when harry met sally - I LOVE that movie!!! Rob Reiner rocks - but that might be because my all time favourite movie is the Princess Bride.

and full house and blossom were must see tv for me simply because I was in that demographic.
on May 02, 2004
For me commercials sometimes make a big difference. There are some films watching them with commercials just ruins it, there are others I actually seem to enjoy more with the commercials. Either way, they totally change the viewing experience and how the film is percieved.

I'd only recommend "Fools Rush In" to fans of either of the leads. It's only so-so. It has a few cute moments, but overall is too sitcomish.