Hello there friends.

Today is Monday. No American Idol tonight. I am looking forward to Tuesday's competition, and Wednesday's results show. Tomorrow's contestants include: Fantasia Barrino, Diana DeGarmo, Jennifer Hudson, Marque Lynche, Matthew Metzger, Ashley Thomas, Erskine Walcott, and Katie Webber.

Of the first eight, I am most eagerly anticipating Katie Webber's performance. I am however more than willing to be surprised by anyone's performance.

Regarding my headline: I am surprised that I have been getting only a few responses to my entries on American Idol. Is it not a popular topic?
on Feb 15, 2004
I know you wrote this a long time ago but I wanted to answer your question. I LOVE your American Idol commentary. Don't stop writing about it! There are probably lots of people out there who watch it. It's the type of show that a lot of people watch but are afraid to admit they watch it. I know I was!