The first eight finalists have finished their performances. I was REALLY impressed with the first group. This is probably one of the strongest top-32 finalist shows that I have seen. I think that I enjoyed everybody's performance.

I don't like the studio audience though. I think that there was a bit more pressure with just the singers and the judges. That said, Simon was pretty chipper tonight, wasn't he?

Diana DeGarmo- Really good. She is my favorite so far. (She's who I voted for. Cute and a good singer)

Fantasia Barrino- She was cool. I can understand her appeal. Simon telling her that she was so good may have cost her some votes. (People love the underdog.)

Jennifer Hudson- Sounded good. I don't know whether I liked hearing "Imagine" sang as a semi-gospel song. It is pretty risky to adapt a much-loved song too much. (Maybe it would be better to say high risk/ high reward, depending on how it comes off.) I'd like to hear her sing disco.

Marque Lynche- Sang "Hero." That was okay. Probably sounded better in the studio than on TV.

Matthew Metzger- He wasn't so impressive. He sang a song that makes me change the channel when it comes on the radio. Reminds me a lot of Will, the British Idol.

Ashley Thomas- I really liked her. The judges weren't so impressed. Sometimes I don't know why they're not impressed. She must have sounded different in studio than on television. She looks like someone I'd like to hang out with for a half-hour or so.

Erskine Walcott- Sang "Open Arms." Corey and Clay already did that song. It is an awesome song, but it is getting to be cliche. I liked Clay's version better.

Katie Webber- She's really good. If I hadn't voted for Diana, I would vote for her. If she doesn't make it, I hope she's back for the wild-card show.

That's all for my A.I. commentary. Now I am going to play Dance Dance Revolution with my wife. Have a good night!
on Mar 17, 2004
I'm sorry, but those American Idol people are just plain cruel. Did you see what they did to those final 2 contestants? Omg! How could they make them sing when one of them are about to be voted off? They made Leah LaBelle cry, and showed a video on her in front of America. That's awful. And Simon needs to get a grip, bevause he is the biggest grouch! That's the American way, isn't it? Money, scamming, and humiliation.
on Mar 17, 2004
They're evil. I swear.
on Mar 17, 2004
They're evil. I swear.