Two days ago my family had an interesting day with cars.

I went to the bank during lunch time to make a deposit. After finishing up, my car wouldn't start! I had to call a tow truck to bring my car to a garage. It seems that my alternator had broken, and was taking charge out of my battery. So I got that fixed...

The interesting thing about this story is that when my wife was leaving the house to bring me home from work, she noticed that she had left her headlights on all day, and her battery needed a charge. Silly!

I caught a ride home with one of my coworkers who lives in the same city as I do.

These car troubles were a lot less stressful than problems that I've had in the past, mainly because I have a warranty. Those things are great! All I have to do is pay my deductible (and towing is covered too.) I have never had any sort of warranty on any of the beaters that I have driven. It sure is nice to have one! I think that we'll get one with all of our future cars. It is good for peace-of-mind.
on Oct 27, 2005
What a positive attitude for all the trouble you had! I agree, peace of mind is worth the price of a good warantee program!