Published on December 19, 2005 By Jamie Burnside In Misc

There were significantly fewer cars on the road today than would be on an ordinary Monday morning rush hour.  Lots of people must have the entire pre-Christmas week off of work.

I know that lots of people have vacations, holidays, floating days, and the like; but it is surprising how many people seemed to have gotten this particular week off of work.  I'd say that 100% of the people I know are working -at least half of- this week, but there seems to be about 75% less traffic on the roads today.  Why don't I know any of the people who are staying home this week?

Weird. This is one of those times where anecdotal evidence (everyone I know is working) is at a conflict with reality (lots of people have the day off).

on Dec 19, 2005
Well, I know that many schools and universities are out for the holidays so that may contribute to it a little. I always thought it was spooky when I was out driving at rush hour and there was hardly anyone, it always made me think that the rapture happened and I was left behind!