Published on December 22, 2005 By Jamie Burnside In Misc

This time of year, for as long as I remember, there is always talk of whether or not we'll be enjoying a "white Christmas".  On the streets, on the TV and radio, friends, family, and coworkers invariably wonder aloud: "I wonder whether we'll have a white or a brown Christmas this year.  I sure hope that it'll be white!"

I have always wondered whether this desire for a white Christmas existed before Irving Berlin wrote (and Bing Crosby sung) the song "White Christmas" in 1942.  -If this term was created by Berlin, "White Christmas" is a brilliant phrase.  It encapsulates a lot of imagery.  It also represents a "return to normalcy" that would come when the soldiers return from the war (ala "Yellow Ribbon".)

Having snow and all that matches images that one may have of the Christmas season.  Also lights and Christmas decorations do probably look better in the snow.  That said: I am getting a little tired of the "white Christmas" speculation.

Merry White Christmas, or Merry Brown Christmas, or whatever...

on Dec 22, 2005
How about changing it to "I'm dreaming of a wet Christmas" instead?

Seems that VA is getting predicitions of upper 50's and rain. Sheesh.
on Dec 22, 2005
Dont know if it was the chicken or the egg, since it was before my time.  But I have never had one, and would like one before I pass these mortal coils.  But Like Chaos says, we are just getting a wet one!
on Dec 24, 2005
hi today is mery crismea to be erasfdu por adwantage\\\\\\\\\\?