Published on January 11, 2006 By Jamie Burnside In Misc

I just wrote up a test to give to my fifth grade students.  In order to show the kids what to do, I enlarged the test on the copier.

I got the copies, and stapled them together, and then I thought: "Hey: Big Test!"  ha ha.

For a sense of scale, I point your attention to the ruler to the left of the test.

on Jan 11, 2006
I can't see the picture
on Jan 11, 2006
It should work... Maybe just refresh.
on Jan 11, 2006
Ah, there it is. That is a big test!
on Jan 11, 2006
Either that's a big test or your ruler is wrong.
on Jan 14, 2006
Hahah! That really cracked me up! I love it!