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March 16, 2007 by Jamie Burnside
Here's a good magic trick that I have come across while browsing the internet.  It is from a Japanese TV show. The magician says that he is hungry for a hamburger. After that, he says he is hungry for a teriyaki burger. Saying any more than that would spoil the surprise of the magic. Enjoy.  The whole thing runs about a minute and a half.  Click the link. Cool Hamburger Magic
January 21, 2007 by Jamie Burnside
November 1, 2006 by Jamie Burnside
Every so-often, this e-mail gets passed around the staff at the school where I work. It is a nice, sweet, possibly inspiring story. This story however, smells like an urban legend. So what do you think: URBAN LEGEND or NOT AN URBAN LEGEND ONE OF THE BEST STORIES I'VE EVER HEARD!!!!!! As she stood in front of her 5th grade class on the very first day of school, she told the children an untruth. Like most teachers, she looked at her students and said that she loved them al...
March 27, 2006 by Jamie Burnside
Yesterday my family and I visited a grocery store that we don't often go to.  While we were looking through the "Asian Food" section, we found a few bottles of "Iron Chef" branded sauces. The sauces use the show's "K" logo.  I think this is an interesting TV tie-in for a consumer product.
January 11, 2006 by Jamie Burnside
I just wrote up a test to give to my fifth grade students.  In order to show the kids what to do, I enlarged the test on the copier. I got the copies, and stapled them together, and then I thought: "Hey: Big Test!"  ha ha. For a sense of scale, I point your attention to the ruler to the left of the test.
December 22, 2005 by Jamie Burnside
This time of year, for as long as I remember, there is always talk of whether or not we'll be enjoying a "white Christmas".  On the streets, on the TV and radio, friends, family, and coworkers invariably wonder aloud: "I wonder whether we'll have a white or a brown Christmas this year.  I sure hope that it'll be white!" I have always wondered whether this desire for a white Christmas existed before Irving Berlin wrote (and Bing Crosby sung) the song "White Christmas" in 1942.  ...
December 21, 2005 by Jamie Burnside
I heard on the radio this morning that there is a legal challenge to the city of Minneapolis' photo-ticket program. Apparently the city of Minneapolis has a number of stationary cameras posted around town. If a camera catches drivers commiting some sort of traffic violation, a ticket is sent to the address of the owner of the "offending" vehicle. Is the insurance industry behind this? Sure these tickets can be an economic boon for the cities, but will be even better for insurance compani...
December 19, 2005 by Jamie Burnside
There were significantly fewer cars on the road today than would be on an ordinary Monday morning rush hour.  Lots of people must have the entire pre-Christmas week off of work. I know that lots of people have vacations, holidays, floating days, and the like; but it is surprising how many people seemed to have gotten this particular week off of work.  I'd say that 100% of the people I know are working -at least half of- this week, but there seems to be about 75% less traffic on...
December 17, 2005 by Jamie Burnside
This morning as I was leaving for work, I had an excellent idea for a weblog topic. I was certain that I would remember it! I spent my entire day at a meeting, and I'd be darned if I could remember what my "hot topic" was supposed to be about. I have been spending the last few hours trying to remember what I had to say. Well... Merry New Year
December 13, 2005 by Jamie Burnside
This morning I was listening to the "Pat Miles Show" on Twin Cities' WCCO radio. (Maybe some of you out there were listening to it too...) As part of a weekly segment, they invited a policeman into the studio to do their "ask the cop" feature. (That's the name I gave it. I don't know what the official name of it is.) It is interesting to hear what sorts of gripes the callers have regarding the police. One complaint (which ALWAYS seems to come up) is that the police leave their cars runnin...
December 1, 2005 by Jamie Burnside
Last night I went to my local K-mart to buy a game for my students to play at school.  I brought the game into work, and put it on my desk. On the box, I noticed that there is a price tag.  I was struck at how rarely one sees an actual price tag these days.  With the advent of bar codes and scanners, price tags have become increasingly rare.  (Strangely, as a marketing strategy, the tags on items at stores like KOHLs don't even reflect the actual price of the item for ...
November 30, 2005 by Jamie Burnside
This morning one of my co-workers asked me whether I had gotten a job at Target.  It took me a second, but then I realized that I am wearing the familiar red-tan combo that Target employees wear at work. I am ready for Target. ******************************************************* In more disappointing news, Twin Cities' AM 1220 is going through a format change.  The station is going from talk, to adult standards.  This format change means that I will be once again l...
October 26, 2005 by Jamie Burnside
Yesterday my son and I went to the flu shot clinic at the medical center in our home town. There were all sorts of people there lining up to get their shots. It was certainly the place to be! While we were there, I overheard numerous people proclaiming how they "hate needles." There were many people who were making quite the deal out of getting a little shot. I bet that it makes the nurses cringe every time they hear that (unless they're already numb to it.) I think that it is one of t...
October 18, 2005 by Jamie Burnside
I am sure that this has happened to everyone who at one point in their life has had either a stressful, or a repetitive job. You go to sleep, end up dreaming about your job, wake up, and then realize that you have to go to work. It is like working two consecutive shifts! The other day I experienced kind of a variation to that dream. For a good part of the night, I dreamt that I was having a hard time going to sleep. As soon as it seemed that I could finally get to bed, something else cam...
October 14, 2005 by Jamie Burnside
Yesterday Vicki -my student teacher- was going over a vocabulary worksheet with one of our fifth graders. It was one of those fill-in-the-blanks activities designed to help familiarize students with upcoming vocabulary. I was doing something in some other part of my classroom when I heard Vicky say this: "Listen to this. You wrote: 'My brother went on a slave trade to Mecca last year.' Is that right?" I got a real kick out of that. The original is number 2.